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Reading Level Test

Free and anonymous.
To determine your reading level, please answer each question by clicking Yes or No. Work quickly but don't rush. This will take no more than 5 minutes.


Can you see? Yes No

Do men eat stone? Yes No

Do boys like to play? Yes No

Can a bed run? Yes No

Do books have hands? Yes No

Is ice hot? Yes No

Do winds blow? Yes No

Have all girls the same name? Yes No

Is warm clothing good for winter? Yes No

Are some clouds white? Yes No

Is every woman a teacher?                  Yes No

Is the weather always perfect ?           Yes No

Is the heart within the body?              Yes No

Are airline tickets free?                       Yes No

Are summer days ordinarily cold?       Yes No

Do clerks enjoy a vacation?                 Yes No

Is the president a public official?         Yes No

Would you enjoy the loss of a fortune?          Yes No

Does an auto sometimes need repair?           Yes No

Is it important to remember assignments?     Yes No

Are avenues usually paved with oxygen?        Yes No

Do we desire serious trouble?                         Yes No

Are muzzles usually noticeable?                     Yes No

Is practical judgment valuable?                       Yes No

Ought a person's career to be ruined by accidents?             Yes No

Do you cordially recommend forgery?                                   Yes No

Does an emergency require immediate decision?                 Yes No

Are gradual improvements worthwhile?                                Yes No

Should honesty involve personal misfortune?                       Yes No

Is a punctual person continually tardy?                                Yes No

Are all human beings mortal?                                                Yes No

Does a sporting person necessarily have "nerve?"                   Yes No

Are instantaneous effects invariably rapid?                            Yes No

Should preliminary disappointment discourage you?            Yes No

Is hearsay testimony trustworthy evidence?                           Yes No

Are the best authorities characterized by wisdom?                 Yes No

Is extreme athletic exercise surely necessary?                        Yes No

Is incessant discussion usually boring?                                   Yes No

Are algebraic symbols ever found in formulas?                        Yes No

Is an infinitesimal titanic bulk possible?                                  Yes No

Are "diminutive" and "Lilliputian" absolutely identical?           Yes No

Are steep ascents usually coexistent with sharp declines?      Yes No

Are "perambulate" and "meander" similar in meaning?           Yes No