Get Better Grades, Quicker and Easier, by Practicing

How to Become an A Student

Unless you are getting A’s, school is hard and probably not much fun. You may like being with friends or sports or a club, but the basic routine of classes and homework can be a drag. Think about this. If you knew everything you are supposed to know from previous classes, then today’s assignments would be pretty easy. If you could get help by phone anytime you get stuck while doing your homework, you’d save a lot of time. If you knew the best way to learn today’s assignments, you wouldn’t be confused, procrastinate, or spend time defending yourself to your parents and teachers.

If you were already an A student, you would understand your subjects, learn new material quickly, and get top grades on tests and papers. Sounds great, but right now you’re not an A student. And being who you are and how much time you can devote to school, you may not believe it is possible for you to catch up and get ahead.

I assure you, you can. It may take a few extra hours a week for a while, but you can do it. Here’s what it takes:

1. Learn by Doing. Most of your learning happens when you actively answer questions, solve problems and write papers. Class helps and you are required by law to attend, but it is not enough.

2. The Right Practice. Practice doing exactly what you have to learn to do. In school, you mostly are required to demonstrate your learning by taking tests. Listening to videos can help you, but answering questions is more powerful training.

3. Practice until you are 100% Done learning each lesson.

4. Catch Up on any knowledge you need for your current courses which you forgot or never learned.

5. While studying, get help the minute you need it and then get back to practicing.

If you start doing these five things, you’ll find school getting easier in a week or two. The slogan, “Do your homework.” Isn’t specific enough. Chances are you do your homework and find that it doesn’t help much. To get started on a better path, watch the Introduction to Power Learners. It will take you less than 15 minutes and may change your life.

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