The Power Learners Approach

The secret sauce for school success is to know and apply these facts about learning. Reading or reciting these facts is not enough. Most students will change their behavior only if they personally experience the power of these methods and mindset.

Facts About Learning

  • To get good grades you have to learn the course.
  • Learning is a change in your brain that enables you to do something you could not do before
  • You cause those changes by doing what you are learning to do: recite, answer, write, solve and discuss.
  • When you get stuck while learning, get help right away. That alone can double your learning rate.
  • The instructor’s job is to explain, demonstrate, assign the right practice, and encourage. You do the learning.
  • Mastering one lesson after another increases your learning rate. You actually get smarter and school gets easier.
  • Falling behind slows your learning and school gets harder and harder.
  • As you master assignments your motivation and enjoyment will go up.
  • In high school and college there’s almost no time for practicing in class. You have to learn by doing at home or in the library.
  • If you forgot or never learned things you need at the beginning of a course, catch up in the first few weeks or drop the course.