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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Telling Your Teen to Do Homework Isn’t Enough

By the time teens get to high school, their eight years of school have convinced most of them that they are doing about as well in school as they can. As the parent of a teen, you have probably spent much time and effort telling your teen about the value of education and hard work. It probably hasn’t made much difference. Even the professionals at colleges who try to help struggling students graduate aren’t very successful. As you may know, California Community Colleges and State Universities are ending Student Success courses because they don’t work very well. One reason is that those courses talk about learning, studying, and motivation, rather than coaching students as learn by practicing. Here is why.… Continue reading

How to Help Your Teen Succeed in School

After a couple of decades of working with teenaged students, I’ve come to this conclusion. Every teen, no matter how they are doing in school and no matter what they say about school, knows that education is valuable and would like to be getting good grades. If this is so, you may ask, how do I explain why so many teens aren’t doing better in school? More importantly, you may be thinking, if that’s true, what can we parents do to help our teens do better?

In his best-selling book Drive, author Daniel Pink stresses that people are naturally motivated to explore, learn, and experiment. Sounds great, but maybe it seems as though your teen is discouraged or uninterested.… Continue reading