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Monthly Archives: March 2017

My 40 Years in Flipped Learning, Part 5 of 5: No More Academic Drownings

To conclude these posts, I will tell you about what I consider the most conclusive and inspiring case history of the large-scale power and potential of flipped learning.

Before starting the story, here is some context. We all know there is lots of room to improve educational outcomes. So, I won’t re-hash depressing statistics. We also know about many well-financed and well-meaning initiatives that either didn’t work or couldn’t be replicated. I think there are the two main problems, both of which I know can be overcome with flipped learning ideas and methods.

The Two Main Barriers

The first problem is that almost everyone in the U.S. emphasizes the importance of teaching over studying. We—parents, politicians, faculty, and students—continually talk… Continue reading