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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Fresh Learning VS Familiar Learning

Several years ago, I was talking about learning with my friend Larry. We were, I thought, talking about helping teens do better in high school and college. But something was wrong. We two imminently reasonable people were not understanding each other. It turned out he was talking about his time at Harvard Law School and I was talking about junior college students struggling with math. Ever since, I have found that my discussions with teachers, students and adults are frequently more productive and satisfying if we take the time to clarify what aspects of teaching and learning we are talking about. In particular, I have found it helpful to distinguish between familiar learning and fresh learning.

    Familiar Learning

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Jump the Pitfalls in Flipping Your College Success Course

If you are an instructor at the college level, you may have heard of, thought about and even tried Flipped Learning. The flipped courses my colleagues and I have delivered have helped 85% about 1 million young adults and teens succeed in learning subjects they found difficult. This has included math, English composition and public speaking, in addition to computer programming, electronics and criminal law. We have repeatedly faced some issues that you may be facing. Perhaps our experience will be of value to you.

First, a definition of Flipped Learning: In a flipped classroom, the primary activity of the learners is studying using videos and books, and then practicing—writing, reciting, solving–until the lesson has been mastered. Only then does… Continue reading