Get Better Grades, Quicker and Easier, by Practicing
Better Grades June

Better Grades in High School

Online Videos Coach You to
Learn Faster and
Remember Longer

Watch one video each week for four weeks and use the methods as you do your regular homework assignments. If you use these methods for one month, you will:

  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Save Time
  • Ace Tests
  • Get Better Grades
  • Enjoy School More
  • Earn Your Parents’ Trust to Manage Yourself
  • Increase Your Motivation and Confidence
  • Feel Better about Your Capabilities and Future

“Before, I would usually cram before a test, which didn’t work. Now, I practice as I go, often reviewing worksheets and problems.”

“Practicing to mastery is working for me. I have spent less time on my homework assignments and have been doing them efficiently and correctly.”

Overcome Barriers to Success

Many students don’t think they can do better in school and don’t know how except maybe by studying 24 hours a day. The Power Learners Method helps with issues like these.

  • Doubts about having the intelligence, motivation and interest to do well in some subjects.
  • Working hard without improving.
  • Find classes painfully boring or confusing.
  • Don’t remember enough of what you read or hear in class.
  • Forgot or never learned things you need now.
  • Haven’t time to catch up or study more.
  • Parents expect better school performance.
  • Want to feel smart, confident, and on track for college and your future.

The Power Learners Method is likely to improve your grades and your opinion of yourself.

What You Will Learn

  • Practice causes learning by changing in your brain so you can do things you couldn’t do before.
  • Practicing to mastery takes only a little longer than just doing your homework but saves even more time on subsequent lessons.
  • If you are stuck, get help. Persevere so long as you are making progress. Get help as needed, then continue practicing to mastery.
  • For long-term remembering, your brain needs time to adapt. So, re-practice to mastery twice in the next week.

Try it for a month. You will see that these techniques work. Success is motivating and fun.

The Course Includes

  • 4 video lessons on learning more in less time as you study and do homework
  • How-to Guides—Use these when you need them:
    • Writing and Editing Essays
    • Learning Math
    • Learning Science
    • Time Management
    • Get More as You Read
  • The Power Learners App—Download from Apple AppStore or Google Playstore.
  • Email help when you need it
  • Weekly newsletter with stories and suggestions for students and parents
  • Drop-in weekly webinars for students and parents to ask questions, share successes and give and get advice
Methods June

The Power Learners Method

Learn by Practicing

No one ever became good at anything without practicing. Learning is a change in your brain that enables you to do something you couldn’t do before. You cause those changes by doing what you are learning to do. In school, at a minimum, you must learn to answer questions and solve problems on tests. So, that is exactly how you should practice. Teachers, books and videos get you started by explaining and demonstrating how to learn. Then you become good at it by practicing.

Practice to Mastery

How much practice should you do? Enough to get an A if there were a test tomorrow. You might think that you haven’t time to do that. You might barely be keeping up now. But, even though mastering today’s lesson takes a little longer than just getting it done, knowing today’s lesson will save you even more time on future assignments. In addition, success in learning feels good and is motivating.

If You Are Stuck, Get Help

So long as you are making progress, persevere. But when you are stuck, get help as soon as possible. You might call or text a relative, classmate, or teacher; or turn to the Internet. Once you get the help, continue practicing to mastery.

To Remember, Re-practice to Mastery

Practice strengthens the connections in your brain, which takes days. So, for long-term remembering, re-practice to mastery on two more days in the next week.

What Students and Parents Say

  • “Practicing to mastery is definitely working for me!”
  • “Teaching is only half of it. You apply your knowledge by practicing it.”
  • “In French, at first I was struggling. So I went back to the first thing that we did in class and learned more about the basics. It’s like building a structure: you need the basics to move on.”
  • “I’ve experienced falling behind in biology. I didn’t know how to do the homework we were given. I felt so ashamed and nervous and frantic as I tried to work through it. This will be extremely beneficial in the long run.”
  • “I remember putting off asking for help. Once I asked my teacher for help, though, I was more confident in my abilities and could understand the math topics better.”
  • “I am not as stressed anymore. As I practice/study as I go, the process has been relieving, and I always feel more prepared when I go to take a test.”
  • “Without this help our son would not have made it to college. After the course he studied for and passed the GED test, then went to college where he is doing well. He loved it..” G.S.
  • “I really liked the course. The main aspect I found comforting was that we could go at our own pace. It helped me rediscover my love of learning new things. I’m now at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in the honors program.” A.S.
  • “The big eye opener was overcoming procrastination, the one task I did very well…” T.M.
  • “I really enjoyed this course because it taught skills that I will use for the rest of my life. I also liked the layout. It was much more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be.” C.M.

The Power Learners App

The free App helps you use the Power Learners Method to study, do your homework, and master your subjects.

The Power Learners App guides you in creating a step-by-step learning plan for each assignment in about a minute. These plans help you overcome procrastination, get started, stay focused, and master the lesson.

As with any student planner, you start by writing down your assignments. Here is what’s different.

Before you start a homework assignment, the app will prompt you to:

  1. Define what you will learn to do?
  2. Select ways to practice doing what you expect on the tests.
  3. Estimate how long it will take to learn this lesson.
  4. Decide who you will call if you need help.

Then practice until you could get an A if there were a test tomorrow.

Power Learners App June

Will the Power Learners Online Video Course Work for You?

Based on our experience helping hundreds of thousands of teens and young adults learn many different subjects, the answer is a definite YES! The research shows that over 90% of teens can master their high school subjects in four years. The key is doing enough practice to master your lessons, one after the other. The amount of practice you need may be more or less than others, but the good news is this. As you progress in your courses, your learning rate increases. With the Power Learners Method, school becomes easier for you. You are likely to get better grades with less time and effort than you spend now.

We surveyed 1119 students one semester after they attended an in-person Power Learners workshop.  93% reported lasting improvements in 3 or more of such outcomes as:

  • Grades
  • Organization
  • Responsibility
  • Getting Along with Teachers
  • Liking school
  • Relationship with their parents

Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt published our materials as the Learning Power textbook, which has been used in over 400 high schools nationwide.

Case History: How Dan Decided to Graduate College

Dan told us he thought our course would help him in future classes, but he didn’t intend to go to college. “It just isn’t my thing.” Then, one of our coaches asked him, “What are you good at?” Without hesitation, Dan said, “Baseball.”  He played Little League, always made the All-Star teams, and was on his high school team. The coach asked Dan whether he had practiced more, hit more pitches, or fielded more grounders. Dan said, “No. Baseball just came naturally to me.” After a moment, he continued,  “Wait. The summer I was 15, I decided to learn to throw a curveball. I started practicing every day, but I wasn’t getting better. I was thinking of giving up, but I decided to practice until I could do it or my arm fell off. Well, by the end of the summer, I could throw a curve.” He paused. Then he added, “I’ve decided to go to college.”

The moral of this story? Everybody knows that to learn piano,  a sport or dancing you must practice. But when it comes to school, some students don’t focus on practicing. They start worrying instead whether they have the IQ or natural talent to learn some subjects. With worries about our capabilities, it is natural to get discouraged. Success is always motivating. Failure is sometimes motivating, but more often, it is defeating.

Two years ago, we surveyed 219 college faculty and counselors working with struggling students at 30 colleges. An overwhelming 205 of them estimated that fewer than 10% of their students are aware that active practice—answering, solving, explaining, and applying—is the most effective way to learn new things.

To see how the course works, please take our free sample lesson. In about 10 minutes, you can prove to yourself that the Power Learners Method will work for you.

Parents: Take the sample lesson yourself. It will help you talk to your teen about school and this video course.