Instructors’ and Students’ Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Usual Studying and Power Learning?

As shown in this diagram, most students do their assigned reading, writing and problem solving one time to just get it done. Typically they get 20% from listening in class and 40% from doing some studying. That gets them maybe a C and not much competence.
In this Student Success Course you will try Power Learning. After listening and reading, you will use best known methods to learn by doing until you master the material.

What are the main differences for students?

In the Power Learners format, the students spend almost all of their time in class and at home becoming proficient at using best known methods for remembering facts, solving problems, writing papers, preparing for tests, and more. They experience that mastering each lesson in turn increases their learning rate, so courses get easier as they go along. That is in contrast to the difficulties and pain of falling behind as a course proceeds.

What are the main differences for instructors?

In our recommended “learning-center” format, you spend almost your entire time helping and coaching students one at a time. This is only possible because you operate like a personal trainer in a gym. The students are doing assignments and exercises in learning, following a plan based on individual needs and moving at their own speed. You guide them, answer questions and provide feedback on methods and mastery. As explained in our Instructor Guide, you can provide this necessary and effective individual attention to 30 or more students with different capabilities and needs.