Course Contents

The Power Learners Handbook presents methods and exercises for practicing and mastering various compentencies, including

  • Memorizing
  • Writing Papers
  • Solving math problems
  • Managing time
  • Setting goals
  • Preparing for tests
  • Increasing Your Reading Speed and Comprehension to College Level
  • Learning Math and Statistics
  • Editing Your Own Writing

More important than any of the specific methods, is that each student experiences the power and satisfaction of mastering many assignments. For many students, these will be the first times they realized that they can operate at the A level. They quickly recognize that, though it takes more time initially, mastery increases your learning rate on future lessons. Thus, it saves you time overall. Mastery also feels good. It is satisfying and motivating.

Sample Video Introduction to Power Learning for Students (5 Minutes)

You may use this video to introduce your students to these key ideas about Power Learning. Or you can use some of the slides to create your own introduction. The PowerPoint slides are available online for free.